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correctable equipment violation, partcycleThere are lots of reasons you can get a ticket. Speeding, failure to yield, failure to stop, not wearing your seatbelt, or not buckling your children in their car seats are just a few. If those reasons weren’t enough, police officers can also administer tickets for something called Correctable Mechanical Violations, or a “Fix It Ticket”. Fix It Tickets are issued when a part of your vehicle is not functioning properly. Such equipment includes headlights, tail lights, turn signals, side view mirrors, brakes, and windshields, to give just a few examples. A vehicle not properly equipped (i.e. no safety belts installed) or equipped with malfunctioning equipment (i.e. a burned-out head light, a busted side view mirror or broken tail light) can receive a traffic ticket for a mechanical violation. These are just as they say- correctable. Every state has different laws on the matter, but generally you have 30 days to fix your issue and prove that it is fixed to avoid the fine.

Fix It Ticket: Headlights 

You must have two properly working headlights on your vehicle in order to be able to see the road clearly at night. If you have received a fix it ticket for a headlight, you will need to determine the actual reason your headlight isn’t working. It could be that just the headlight bulb needs to be replaced. However, if you have a sealed-beam constructed headlight (as many newer models to), the filament, reflector, and lens are all sealed together in one airtight unit. If any of these pieces doesn’t work properly, you will have to replace the entire headlight assembly. Sometimes a traditional headlight assembly is damaged and water continues to short out the bulb. In this case, you will need to replace the entire headlight assembly as well. Replacing the entire head lamp assembly can be expensive, if you don’t know where to go to find a good deal on parts. The best prices on replacement headlights are always used or recycled headlights. Shop for used headlights on

Fix It Ticket: Tail Lights 

Broken tail lights are serious business. They prevent other cars on the road from slamming into the back of you. If your tail lights are not working properly, a police officer will issue you a Correctable Equipment Violation to keep you and others on the road safe. Like headlights, newer model tail lights can sometimes be made of sealed-beam construction. This means that if one part of the tail lamp unit is not working, the entire tail lamp assembly needs to be replaced. New sealed tail light assemblies can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Your best bet is to get a recycled tail light assembly for less. If you don’t have a sealed unit, you can replace the bulb, but if the assembly is broken or cracked, water can continuously leak into the unit and short it out. The only way to fix the issue to the standard that will satisfy your ticket is to replace the entire tail light assembly. Find a used replacement tail light at

Fix It Ticket: Turn Signals 

You’re at a stop sign, ready to turn left. You flick on your left signal. You notice it is blinking a little slower or faster than usual, but you don’t think about it. The next thing you know, a cop pulls you over for a broken turn signal, and issues a Correctable Mechanical Violation or “Fix it Ticket”. He says you have to fix your turn signal and prove it’s repaired or pay a hefty fine. Bummer. You didn’t even know your tail light was burned out (tip: the faster or slower than normal clicking should have been your clue). It may be just a bulb that needs to be replaced, but like all other light components, if the plastic lens is cracked, moisture may be getting into the components and shorting them out. You may need to replace the whole assembly, in which case a used or recycled assembly will be the cheapest way to replace those parts. Find replacement turn signals at PartCycle.

Fix It Ticket: Side View Mirrors 

It probably should go without saying, but what the heck: If you can’t see out of your side view mirror because it is cracked or broken off, you should not be driving the car. When you are unable to see the vehicles on the road around you, you turn your car into a 2 ton death wagon. Merging? Sure, right into that 18 wheeler that you didn’t see. Backing up? Absolutely- right over your cat, Mr.  Mittens, who likes to snuggle next to your back wheel. Not okay. Replacing a broken side view mirror is easy to do yourself, and replacement mirrors from PartCycle will run you around $100. So you can either pay the $100 fine to the government to still have a busted side view mirror, or you can pay $100 to look like a respectable citizen and be a safer driver on the road. It’s not a hard choice. Get a recycled one at and you could be saving enough to replace your broken mirror and have a pizza party for all your friends.

Fix It Ticket: Rear View Mirrors

Rear view mirrors are important safety features for two reasons- they show you what’s behind your car, and they allow you to check your teeth for spare food before you go talk to others. If you can’t see behind your vehicle, you’re a hazard to others. If you can’t check your front teeth for hitchhiking broccoli from lunch, you’re a hazard to yourself. Either way, having a good rear view mirror is important for the safety of all people. You will get a ticket if you do not have a mirror that is in good working order. It’s a very easy repair to do yourself. You will need a replacement mirror (hint: used mirrors save a lot of money) and some special rear view mirror adhesive to glue it back on. It’s a simple and inexpensive fix that will save you from a fine and broccoli teeth. Shop replacement rear view mirrors at

PartCycle Helps you Avoid Fix It Ticket Fines

If you are the unlucky recipient of a Correctable Mechanical Violation, or “Fix It Ticket” you must repair your car or avoid the fine. PartCycle helps you find high-quality used car parts to fix your issue for less. Either way, you are going to have to pay for your mistake, so why not make a small investment to improve your vehicle’s overall look, versus a big investment to the government. Start your search on now on

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