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Upcycled Auto Parts Make Home Decor Fun and Easy

DIY Buyers / Recycling

Upcycled Auto Parts Make Cool Stuff

The hot trend right now is to make upcycled auto parts into useful, cool stuff. Recycled auto parts are some of the best things to upcycle into furniture or artwork. Auto parts are made from sturdy, long-lasting materials, like aluminum and steel, and are readily available.

Fun Stuff With Wheels

Summer is nearly here and what could be better than an outdoor fire pit or grill made from recycled wheels? Or, how about a wheel used to artfully store your garden hose or made into the perfect pool side table? Wheels are a very popular upcycled auto part and is full of recycled wheels. Choose a wheel, like the spare from a 2009 Ford Focus, and you can spend as little as $50 to make a new fire pit or grill.

Engine Blocks Can Be More

Sure a vehicle needs an engine to run, but an engine can be used for so much more! These crafty bloggers used the block, and other engine parts, for wine racks, lamps, a table and even a coffee machine. Engines are one of PartCycle’s biggest sellers. You can find engines for nearly every make and model. The engines on PartCycle are tested, graded and come with a 90-day warranty, and while these wouldn’t make a great, new wine rack, they will keep your vehicle running for years.

Creative Uses For Suspension Parts

The springs from a vehicle’s suspension are heavy, durable and can take a lot of weight; they help stabilize your 2,000-pound vehicle! Springs get new life as bar stools and even mail sorters. Front knees, which include a strut, spindle, upper and lower control arm, pressed-in hub, spring and upper bearing plate, can be found on These parts are guaranteed for 180 days and cost far less than new. A front knee for the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is just $269. In contrast, a new hub bought alone is $250.


Headlamps Turned Into … Lamps

Not as big of a stretch from their original use, but headlamps and headlights make really great lamps. What’s better, replacing a headlight for your vehicle at is really easy and economical. Headlights are a top seller at PartCycle. They are sold as a complete assembly, which makes repairers happy. Even the newer Xenon HID style headlights are cheaper at PartCycle. If you’re considering replacing the driver side headlight for the BMW 320i, that part costs about $1165 for a complete BMW 320i headlamp assembly at PartCycle. New, the housing alone – no bulbs, screws, brackets – costs more than $1,500. The bulb itself is $178 new.


Replacement wheels, engines, front knees, suspension parts, headlights and more can all be found at for all of your upcycled auto parts needs. While the high-quality OEM parts found on aren’t the best for furniture or outdoor fire pits, they will get your vehicle back on the road fast without draining your wallet.

Erin Sandage
Erin Sandage
Senior Editor at The Locator
Erin has written articles on the automotive industry since 2008 with a specific focus on automotive recycling. She also serves as Senior Editor for The Locator Magazine and Locator UpFront.
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