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Automotive Recycling Industry Kingpins

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Major Players in the Automotive Recycling Industry

Professional auto recyclers are proud of the tools they use and the accreditations they’ve achieved. It wasn’t that long ago that people only thought of used parts as junk parts. Professional automotive recyclers have taken great pains to give credibility to the industry. Many recyclers will list their accomplishments along with their recycled auto parts inventory. But, if you’re new to buying recycled auto parts, you may be confused by all the acronyms: ARA, CCC, LKQ, PRP, URG and so on. So to make sure everyone is on the same page, here’s a breakdown the major players in the automotive recycling industry.

Associations and Groups

automotive recycling industry details from partcycleARA – The Automotive Recyclers Association is the national association for the automotive recycling industry. ARA was founded in 1943 and since then has steadily worked to advance the industry and promote the environmental benefits of auto recycling. ARA works to lobby for the industry and provides education and training for recyclers. The association also certifies members that adhere to good business practices and environmental guidelines.

automotive recycling industry details from partcycleTeam PRP – Team Premium Recycled Parts is a national group of independent automotive recyclers that work together to sell, ship and deliver recycled auto parts. If a member needs a part not in their inventory, they can get it quickly from another of Team PRP’s 130 members. All members adhere to an identical quality assurance program based on ISO 9000 standards and offer guarantees on parts and quotes.

automotive recycling industry details from partcycleURG – The United Recyclers Group LLC was established in 1995 by three auto recyclers. Today, URG represents more than 525 of the top auto recycling locations in the United States and Canada. The group’s mission is to lead the industry in products and services tailored to auto recyclers. It helps its members by providing business tools, training resources and partner discounts that allow them to increase profit margins and sustain long-term growth.

Yard Management Systems (YMS)  and Their Parent Companies

Back in the day, auto recyclers utilized a card system to keep track of inventory. Today, inventory systems are computerized. Auto recyclers will mention which system they use because some allow access to parts on the inventories of other users.

automotive recycling industry details from partcycleHollander – Hollander is the creator of the Hollander Interchange system which has been around for about 80 years. Hollander Interchange is an index of millions of auto parts and their interchangeable equivalents. For example, General Motors will use the same part for several of its makes, like Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, etc. Most inventory systems use the Hollander Interchange. Hollander is a Solera Company, which also owns Audatex, a property and casualty claims data solutions for the insurance industry. Powerlink is Hollander’s yard management system. It tracks inventory, orders and operations. EDEN is Hollander’s parts trading platform. Hollander users with EDEN can search for parts from other EDEN users.

automotive recycling industry details from partcycleCCC Information Services, Inc. – CCC was founded in 1980 and is also a provider of claims and repair solutions. It acquired Actual Systems of America, the developer of the Pinnacle Professional yard management solution, in 2015. Actual Systems of America has been in the industry since 1997. It originally created Pinnacle Professional with URG, who still endorses the YMS. Actual Systems was bought by Solera in 2012 before being sold to CCC. CCC rebranded Pinnacle as the CCC Pinnacle Yard Management Solution in 2015.

automotive recycling industry details from – Car-Part is an Internet-based parts locating system that went live in 1998. Checkmate is Car-Part’s inventory management system. It integrates will many of the Car-Part’s other software and gives recyclers information on sales, inventory, and employees.

Corporate Auto Recycling Facilities

There are also companies that own several auto recycling facilities and are incorporated.

automotive recycling industry details from partcycleLKQ Corporation – LKQ was formed in 1998 with auto recycling facilities in Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. It now has more than 220 acquisitions of aftermarket, recycled, refurbished and remanufactured suppliers and manufacturers, self-service retail businesses, and specialty vehicle aftermarket equipment suppliers. In 2007 LKQ acquired Keystone Automotive Industries, which was the leading domestic distributor of aftermarket parts. LKQ has also acquired aftermarket companies in Europe.

automotive recycling industry details from partcycleFENIX Parts Inc. – FENIX owns auto recycling facilities across the United States and Canada. It was founded in 2014 with eight founding companies. It currently has eight locations. Fenix primarily focuses on recycled auto parts but does generate some revenue from aftermarket and scrap.

PartCycle Is The One Solution

automotive automotive recycling industry details from partcyclePartCycle is an online marketplace that sells recycled auto parts from ARA, Team PRP, and URG members. It doesn’t matter if a facility uses Powerlink, CCC Pinnacle or Checkmate, it can sell parts on the PartCycle marketplace.  PartCycle only uses professional auto recyclers that adhere to the highest standards. Finally, you can search, compare, and buy recycled auto parts from all these professional automotive recyclers in one place. Finding recycled auto parts from top-quality professionals has never been this easy. Try it for yourself at

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