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The Trick that Makes Mechanics Go Green and Saves You a Ton of Money

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Recycled Parts are Green Parts

Auto recyclers have been green before it was a trend. In fact, auto recycling is the first true green industry. About 75 percent of a vehicle can be recycled, and the US recycles 25 million tons of automotive components each year. An auto recycler plays an important role in that process. A recycler will dismantle all of a vehicle’s usable parts, like the body panels, engine, transmission, wheels, etc., and sell them to repair shops. This saves the energy it would take to manufacture new parts. Once all of the parts are removed, the recycler will sell the hull to a scrap facility, which recycles the ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Not only are recycled parts green, but they can save vehicle owners a lot of money. Many times used auto parts are 50 percent less than a new part. These are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts that have been expertly removed from End-Of-Life (ELV) vehicles and are basically the same parts your vehicle is running on now! There are many replacement parts that are a great option for repairs, including engines, transmissions, spindle knuckles, wheels, etc. (check out this blog for more options!). So, how do you talk to your mechanic about using recycled auto parts and going green?

A Repairer’s Perspective

Ron Haugen is the President of Westside Auto Pros in Des Moines, Iowa. He is also president of the Des Moines, Iowa Chapter of the ASA Midwest (Automotive Service Association). He finds parts for repair electronically through primary and secondary suppliers. But, he also searches beyond that if the part is not available. He said many mechanics will use recycled parts, but they want to make sure the recyclers they buy from will guarantee what they’re selling.

“The mechanic or shop needs to have buy-in to using a recycled part. They need to know the recycler will have their back, stand behind the component and take care of the shop should it fail or be defective,” said Haugen. “That is actually more important that the customer encouraging it.”  That’s not a problem here. PartCycle ensures that each supplier on the PartCycle site uses best practices when recycling their cars. There are over 7000 automotive recyclers in the US, and PartCycle works with only the top 50 suppliers. We personally check on all of our suppliers to make sure they are doing business the right way and never selling junk. On top of that, all of PartCycle’s parts come with a 180 day warranty so you’re covered.

When is a Recycled Part Best?

Haugen did say there are times when recycled parts can be a better option for a repair. “Typically it is based on the age and condition of the vehicle as well as the motorists plan for and use of that vehicle,” explained Haugen. If your vehicle is older than three years old, getting a used part makes more sense than a new one. “Also, the type of repair, if the component that has failed has a high casualty rate, a remanufactured part is probably a better choice,” he added.

Haugen also makes it easy for the consumer to ask for recycled parts at his Iowa facility. “If a recycled component is a good option we will build two estimates for repair and present the options to the vehicle owner along with the benefits of each,” he said. So if you want to go green a get a recycled part, all you have to do is ask.

But there are also times when a used part isn’t the best option. “Different repair options carry a different level of warranty and we make sure the customer understands the differences. There are some options on some jobs that we will discourage,” said Haugen. Some of those jobs can include water pump replacement, brake pads and any replacement of hoses and filters. But for most major parts work, recycled is the way to go.

Your Next Repair

Talk to your mechanic about used parts. If the shop is reputable, like Haugen’s Westside Auto Pros, the repairer will be able to tell you if a recycled part is a great option for your vehicle and why or why not. Ask about the cost savings and like kind quality of recycled parts. And, most of all, tell them aboutPartCycle and how PartCycle sells only quality, recycled parts from professional, industry-leading auto recyclers. All of PartCycle’s parts are backed with a 180 warranty and many of the suppliers will ship the same day.


Erin Sandage
Erin Sandage
Senior Editor at The Locator
Erin has written articles on the automotive industry since 2008 with a specific focus on automotive recycling. She also serves as Senior Editor for The Locator Magazine and Locator UpFront.
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