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Don’t Buy a Used Transmission Until you See This

If you’re looking for a used transmission for your car or truck, it can be a long and tiring search. Used or recycled transmissions can save you tons of money on a replacement parts and are a great fit for your vehicle, but are usually hard to find. NOT ANYMORE. Thanks to, you can search, compare and buy millions of used auto parts all online. But how do we do it? One of our Sellers, Caleb Lindquist at Heritage Auto Parts in Mobile, AL explains the process of how he tests and inventories used transmissions for sale on the PartCycle Marketplace.

How are Used Transmissions Tested?

Most used transmissions are salvaged from wrecked vehicles. This means if a car is totaled, it is sent to an auto recycler who pulls out the undamaged parts and tests them for resale.  If the vehicle can be driven, the auto recycler will drive it to make sure the transmission feels like it is in good working order. Once the vehicle is dismantled, recyclers will drain all fluids and remove the transmission pan and look for signs of wear and tear like shards of metal in the pan. This is to make sure the parts you get are top quality and will work for the long haul in your vehicle.

What Comes with a Used Transmission?

When you buy a used transmission, it comes as an entire assembly. You are guaranteed to receive the following parts:

  • Torque Converter
  • Bell Housing
  • Internal Transmission Components including shift solenoids, valve body and other internal components
  • External Sensors
  • Tail Housing

On transmissions that have a filter, the filter will need to be replaced before installing. Also the transmission fluids will have been drained before shipping, so they will need to be replaced as well.

How are Used Transmissions Packed and Shipped to Me?

Once your transmission is purchased, they are packed on a pallet and shipped by 18-wheeler or LTL truck. This means that they need to be shipped to a commercial address or a place that can accept these types of deliveries. The easiest thing to do is to have them shipped directly to the mechanic doing the installation. That way there is no issue with the delivery and you can get back on the road sooner.

Why Trust a Used Transmission?

PartCycle Sellers test their transmissions over and over again. They are available and ready to ship for many different makes and models, sometimes that are unavailable to purchase new. It saves your mechanic time on the install as well, which saves you money. Used transmissions are half price (or more) of new, and can get you back on the road faster for less. In addition, all parts sold on PartCycle are backed by a 180 day warranty, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality part that we will stand behind. Standard shipping is free on all parts (even transmissions!) so you can be sure you are getting what you need.

Search used transmissions now at or check out our video here:

Laura Bethea
Laura Bethea
Laura is PartCycle's Marketing and Social Media Director. She has a husband, three kids, two dogs, and one Toyota Sienna Minivan that she calls Deborah.
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