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You’re a Parts Manager? Save Tons of Time With This Simple Site

If you’re a parts manager, you know how much of a hassle getting a used part can be. University Toyota in Tuscumbia, Alabama is a Toyota dealership like most others in the United States. They have a wonderful sales staff to sell new and used Toyotas, and a full-on repair facility and service department. It is a one-stop shop for any needs the customer has related to a Toyota. So we asked the good folks at University to give PartCycle a try, to see if we could help them do their repair jobs more quickly and easily.

parts manager, used engineA customer brought in a 2010 Toyota Tundra engine that had a stuck cylinder valve. Once the truck was evaluated, Service Manager, Keith Faifer and Repair Technician, Anthony Allen, worked together to help the customer decide which repair method would be best. At first, it seemed like just repairing the broken part of the engine would be easiest. But sometimes it is hard for the technicians to tell the extent of the repair that needs to be made. In this case, they have to take the engine apart which takes labor hours just to find out exactly what the problem is. To fully diagnose the exact cause of the engine failure and repair that problem, it was estimated to take 38 hours, not including parts. And you are simply repairing an already broken engine. There is no guarantee or warranty that the engine that messed up once will not mess up again.

To pull the entire engine out and replace it with a quality used engine would take around 33 hours of labor. But as parts managers know, finding a quality used engine, especially one as large as the Tundra engine, can be difficult. University Toyota Parts Manager Chris Britt has spent “the better part of a day” searching for a used engine. Traditionally, it is the Parts Manager’s job to make phone calls to various salvage yards in the area to find the part they need. Once they have located the part, they have to make more phone calls to purchase the part and make sure it is going to get to them in a timely manner.

We asked Chris and the team at University Toyota to give PartCycle a try, to see if we could make their jobs a little easier when it came to getting used parts. Chris searched for the part he needed online and was able to find several Tundra engines to choose from in seconds, without ever picking up the phone. He chose the part he wanted and in a few clicks, it was on its way to his shop. When University Toyota received the engine, they were very happy to find that it was in great shape and looked “like a brand new engine”. It was easy to install and worked on the first try. The customer was happy with the repair, and the service team was happy that they were able to find a good part in such a short amount of time. Everyone wins.

If you are Parts Manager that buys parts often, you won’t find a faster way to find used and recycled auto parts. has over 3 million parts in stock, all with a 6-month warranty and free shipping. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. You’ll be amazed at how much time and headache you can save.

Laura Bethea
Laura Bethea
Laura is PartCycle's Marketing and Social Media Director. She has a husband, three kids, two dogs, and one Toyota Sienna Minivan that she calls Deborah.
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