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Fleet Vehicle Repair Industry is Disrupted by This Simple Tool

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Fleet Vehicles are Everywhere

Fleet vehicle repair is a big job. Workday traffic is littered with fleet vehicles, helping companies and the government get work done.  Typically fleet vehicles are thought of as rental vehicles, taxis, police cars, government vehicles, company vehicles or any other vehicle not owned by an individual or family. According to the Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there are more than 12 million fleets of 15 or more on the road as of 2015. That number includes both fleet trucks and cars. Passenger cars account for nearly 6 million automotive fleet vehicles in the U.S.. The majority of autos used in fleets are by rental companies, the largest being Enterprise Holdings, which includes Alamo, Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental. This company had more than 1.2 million cars in service in 2016, according to Auto Rental NewsFleets are a big part of the auto recycling world as well. Many fleet companies have relationships with salvage pool operators, like Manheim, who buy retired fleet cars and auction them to auto recyclers who dismantle them and resell the parts.

There are several groups and associations for fleet managers. The NAFA Fleet Management Association, the Municipal Fleet Managers Association, the Public Fleet Managers Association and the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association. NAFA is a professional member society, not a trade association. Meaning, only managers, not companies, can join. It also allows members from any company or government agency who manage fleets of 25 or more. The other groups are more specialized, catering to municipal or government fleet managers.

Fleet Vehicle Repair

fleet vehicle repairCar maintenance and repairs can be headache enough for just one vehicle. There’s the downtime of waiting for an oil change or new tires and the hit your wallet takes when an engine or transmission breaks down. Imagine caring for 15 to 500 vehicles? Fleet vehicle repair is exactly what an automotive fleet manager is hired to do. He or she is responsible for selecting and maintaining a company’s vehicles in order to keep business on schedule and in budget.  Fleet managers use software, or fleet management systems (FMS), in order to monitor the fleets and drivers. Some fleet management systems operate from a driver’s smart phone, like Fleetio or Autosist.

In terms of fleet vehicle repair, used parts are usually preferred because they save the company time and money on the repairs. For a fleet manager, finding used parts to repair so many vehicles can be a big hassle. Typically, fleet vehicle repair managers will make many phone calls and quote requests to individual salvage yards, and collect those quotes to compare them. Once they compare them and find the best one to suit their needs, the manager will then make another phone call to order the part. This process can take hours for just one part, and days on end if they have to order many parts.

PartCycle makes Fleet Vehicle Repair Simple

Instead of taking hours to search for one part, PartCycle makes it easy to search millions of used auto parts in seconds. A fleet manager (or anyone for that matter) can search for different parts for all of his or her vehicles in one place, saving the time and hassle of calling around. PartCycle’s suppliers also ship their parts quickly, cutting down on cycle time. And, maybe the best part, used or recycled auto parts cost way less than new, about 50 percent less, which makes everybody happy. Finding a used engine, for example, used to take days. With our simple-to-use website, fleet managers can search, compare and buy a quality used engine in under one minute. Don’t believe us? See the video below. So wether you have one vehicle to repair or an entire fleet, can make getting quality used parts easy. 

Erin Sandage
Erin Sandage
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