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How Smart Fleet Managers Get Fleet Vehicle Parts

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Fleet Vehicle Parts Can Be A Hassle

Automotive fleet vehicles are any group of vehicles that are owned or leased by businesses or the government, not an individual or family. Typically fleet vehicles are thought of as rental vehicles, taxis, police cars, government vehicles or company vehicles. A fleet can be anywhere from five to 1,500 vehicles. The more fleet vehicles on the road, the more work a company can get done. If one of those units needs to be repaired, it needs to be done quickly and efficiently and with the right part. But where do you get fleet vehicle parts? And where can you get them at a price that is sustainable for your business?

fleet vehicle repair trafficAn automotive fleet manager is tasked with maintaining those vehicles. Some fleets will have their own repair shop or others will outsource the repair work to approved repairers. The same goes for sourcing parts. A fleet may have an in-house fleet parts room where it maintains an inventory of parts used to repair vehicles. An in-house parts room usually relies on fleet management software to track repairs and order parts. Many in-house fleet systems have a minimum and maximum price set for parts, according to Government Fleet magazine. Approved suppliers are set up in the system and these suppliers are usually chosen for their pricing and quality of parts. Suppliers for government fleets may have to bid to become an approved supplier, according to Government Fleet. When a fleet vehicle needs repair, the fleet management system can reorder a part based on any of the supplier’s availability and usually have it delivered the same day.

Other fleet managers choose to outsource their fleet vehicle parts inventory. This means they don’t keep the parts in-house, which requires an overhead inventory cost and liability costs, like part shrinkage. A fleet that outsources its parts for repair works with distributors like NAPA Integrated Business Solutions to find parts. The distributor handles sourcing all of the fleet’s parts and owns and manages the inventory, according to NAPA Integrated Business Solutions. The fleet doesn’t have the costs to maintain the inventory, but the distributor has the control of the suppliers it sources the parts from.

Price is a big issue when sourcing fleet vehicle parts for repairs. A fleet, especially a government fleet, must adhere to a set amount that can be spent on parts. But, the part must also meet a certain level of quality. Replacing apart over and over will cost more than spending a little more upfront. For many fleets sourcing parts is focused on the right part, right price and right time. That’s where can help. With the rising costs of new OEM parts, choosing recycled and aftermarket parts is a great option for fleet managers. These parts fit the requirement for like, kind and quality parts used in repairs. has millions of high-quality used and aftermarket fleet vehicle parts in its online inventory. A fleet manager can search for the correct part, get a much lower price and have it quickly shipped directly to its preferred repair center, whether its in-house or an approved vendor. For example, say a fleet manager is notified that three of its 2014 Ford Focuses need parts. One needs an engine, another a transmission and the third a headlight. The automotive fleet manager can simply go to and search for all three like kind and quality parts, from three different suppliers, and pay once, cutting down on invoices and paperwork. Those parts will all be shipped to the desired location. A fleet’s shop can have those vehicles repaired and back on the road in no time, while saving precious dollars in the process.

PartCycle also works well if there is a need for several different types of engines for fleet repairs. For example, if a fleet manager has scheduled several engine replacements for the end of the fiscal year, he or she can search for all of the engines, for any vehicle – a 2015 Ford F-150, automotive automotive recycling industry details from partcycle2012 Chevrolet Cruze, 2009 Honda Accord, etc. – all at Those engines will be shipped directly to the repairer of choice, cleaned and ready to be installed. has the solution for any automotive fleet manager that needs repairs done with the right part, at the right price and in the right time.


Erin Sandage
Erin Sandage
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